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What you do (not) know about Estonia?

Facts about Estonia

Image of flagEstonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe – to get from one to the other and end it takes you no more than four or five hours to go without hurrying. Nevertheless, Estonia is certainly the most preferred destination among the Baltic countries. With the variety of cultural sights it offers annually attracting people from all over the world. Over the centuries, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Russia ruled over Estonia, and each left its mark on its historical heritage. Estonia regained its independence from Russia in 1991 and underwent tremendous economic and social progress. Until recently, along with Slovenia, the country has been pointed out for excellence among the 2004 EU member states.

The New York Times, in turn, called Estonia the Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea.

One of the reasons – the Skype chat program originates from here.

Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is one of the largest and oldest universities in Estonia, which enjoysImage of Estonia international recognition in the field of technology and engineering. The University has a modern campus, consisting of eight faculties, three colleges and six research centers. The curricula combine the latest in the field of technology with the trends in the economy and the business. TUT has strong partnership relations with other Baltic countries as well as with leading European educational institutions. Since 2003, the university has been offering bachelor and master programs taught in English with a focus on information technology, business affiliation, and engineering. The university teaches over 400 international students from 50 different countries. In the example of the Bologna system, bachelor’s programs last for three years, the master’s two. So you might think not to teach in this pretty little but fast-growing country. If you have a taken TOEFL iBT test, you can check if is it possible admitted to the university. Do you want to know more about TOEFL and why it is required? Click here.


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You have an offer of the British university…

Here, most of the UK application process is already behind you, and you are a step closer to enrolling in the University of the Island. You responded to the “conditional” bids received on time, you stopped at the university you would most like to follow, and now you still have to learn the results of the matriculation and certification exams in English (in case you have not yet such as TOEFL exam) to find out if you meet the conditions.

Meanwhile, however, there are a few things you need to do.


Image of student and libraryMost universities have already opened their online application portals and if you wish to be accommodated in your first wish as an option, now is the time to register. What should I pay attention to when choosing accommodation? The main differences are whether you want to include a full board in the cost of your dormitory, or prepare your own food, whether you will devote a kitchen and bathroom to other roommates, what is the furnishing of the room, etc. Another important point when choosing accommodation is how many minutes from the university is the hostel building. Also check which consumables such as electricity, water, heating, internet are included in the rental price. Look for information as to whether and for how much time you have to pay in advance and what is the amount of your initial deposit.

Typically, all information, including a campus map, can be found on the website of each university.

The option of accommodating in a student dormitory instead of a private accommodation is optional, but it is preferable especially at the beginning as it will help you to adapt more quickly to the new environment.

Student loan

Image of student loanOnce you are aware of where you want to live in your first year of study in the UK, now is the application for a student loan. Do not forget that the amount that usually covers the full tuition fee does not come to you, but translates directly to the university where you will study. As a citizen of an EU Member State, every international student is entitled to apply for such a loan, administered by the Student Loan Company, a state fund agency in the United Kingdom. The maximum you can apply for was £ 3,290. You are expected to start repaying the loan, along with interest after you finish and your salary reaches a certain level different for each country (£ 15,000 for England). Applying for this loan by filling out a form – if you have not received a paper version of the form from UCAS, you can find it in a PDF version of the agency’s website. When sending, remember to add a certified copy of your ID card or international passport. The deadline is June 25, but do not wait for the last minute. You should usually receive a reply between 2 and 3 weeks after sending the required documents.

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